Our Expertise

Cadence Economics offers a comprehensive suite of applied quantitiatve economic techniques.

We have a wealth of experience in assisting our clients making better informed decisions.

Economic Data Analysis

At the industry or firm level where we measure size, linkages and economic contribution to economic activity and employment.

We have also developed leading edge regional data tools including CEREV that measures regional economic value (gross regional product) and CERIOM which provides users with regional input-output tables down to Local Government Areas (LGAs).


CGE Modelling

Our in-house designed and developed CGE model allows us to assess the economy-wide consequences of policy changes as well as the economic impacts of large-scale investments and infrastructure projects at the global, national, state and regional levels.

We have applied our model to a wide range of subjects such as tax reform, economic impact assessment of large investments and infrastructure project and climate change policy.


Economic Forecasting

For business decision making, policy analysis or transaction support. Our forecasting capabilities range from the global economy, to individual sectors and commodities.

This capability is complemented by our in-house demographic forecasting model CEDEM.


Specialist Modelling

Undertaken on a bespoke basis and encompassing a wide range of expertise from financial modelling, cost benefit analysis, pricing and cost recovery modelling.

Our specialist modelling draws on a range of advanced analytical techniques such as econometrics, constraint optimisation and linear programming.

Policy and Regulation

Economic policy and regulation is in a constant process of assessment and refinement. We undertake rigorous assessments of policy proposals that affect the competitiveness of Australian industry. We are experts in cost benefit analysis, assessing funding and cost recovery arrangement and undertaking regulatory impact statements.

Industry Sectors

The team at Cadence Economics have extensive experience in specific industry sectors, including:

  • agribusiness and natural resources
  • tourism, events and the arts
  • resources and energy (including climate change response policy)
  • transport and infrastructure
  • technology
  • manufacturing
  • education
  • defence