Cruise Tourism for Brisbane: All Ahead Full

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk recently announced that the planned Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal for the mouth of the Brisbane River is moving to the detailed assessment phase (see official statement here , and other reporting here).

The Premier's statement acknowledges the constraints currently facing cruise tourism for Brisbane due to the trend for ever bigger vessels.

By 2020 it is estimated that 60% of the cruise ships in Australia will be bigger than 270 metres. The current cruise ship berths in Brisbane will struggle to accommodate the trend to larger ships. The existing Cruise Ship Terminal at Portside Hamilton can only berth vessels up to 270 metres and the Fisherman's Island facility competes with other export activity, like grain.

The proposal submitted by the Port of Brisbane Authority to develop a dedicated cruise Terminal, supported by the major cruise ship operators, forecasts an additional tourist expenditure increase of up to $1.3 billion over the next 20 years once the terminal is opened.

Cadence Economics specialises in tourism related research using our state-of-the-art economic modelling capabilities.

In conjunction with Ninesquared, Brisbane-based transport economics specialists, we recently estimated the economic contribution of the Legend of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean for the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd and Tourism and Events Queensland.

Our modelling estimated the economic impacts, the direct and indirect contribution to gross state product and jobs in Queensland, of this 265 metre long vessel that accommodates 2,000 passengers and 720 crew - just the type of vessel that is likely to utilise the new Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal.

Australia's largest cruise ship operator, Carnival Australia, recently announced the commissioning of a new vessel scheduled for completion in 2019 - the first cruise ship ever commissioned for the Australian market. To be operated under the P&O label, this vessel will be some 323 metres long, and accommodate 4,200 guests. Without the terminal capacity, it is clear that Brisbane will risk 'missing the boat' when it comes to such a fast growing segment of the tourism market.

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